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‘Outbound’ was created by Accommodation Services to give our La Trobe residents access to the biggest and best attractions Victoria and Australia has to offer, at heavily discounted prices.


Outbound in 2017

Outrigging Canoeing

On Sunday 26th March we kicked off the year with our first Outbound event – Outrigging canoe. Outrigging Canoeing and sailing is an important part of Polynesian heritage, as for thousands of years they have been amazing voyagers and explorers. These Outrigging Canoes were also used for transporting goods and people, as well as fishing. Our Social Engagement Coordinator, Sam, has been a keen Outrigger for 20+ years and has been involved in clubs in New Zealand and in Melbourne. Sam was honoured to be able to share his Polynesian cultural roots with La Trobe residents!

Here’s what one of our Student Leaders, Cass Perkins, had to say about Outrigging:

“When I first heard about ‘Outrigging Canoeing’, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. And, despite being sore the following day, it was such a good day and it was fantastic to experience the traditional Polynesian mode of transport. After an initial ‘warm up’, I say warm up lightly, as it was much more of a boot camp – ha ha! But nonetheless we were warmed up and ready to go. Eager to learn, we practiced on the beach before trying our luck in the water, where we paddled in sync with each other and went through a few basic techniques to practice both control and speed of the canoes. Before long it was time to race! Which involved starting in our canoe in shallow water, jumping out and running along the beach towards a flag and back, then paddling out and around a marker in the water, before doing one final running leg. To finish off a great morning in the canoes, it was only fitting to experience a traditional Polynesian ‘ ’, essentially, we, as the paddlers were tipped out of the boat and had to swim underneath to the other side. At first a few of us were quite nervous by the idea, but it was all very safe and it was a great excuse to have a swim afterwards! Following this we were provided with an amazing feast to refuel after an enjoyable but tiring morning on the water and had a chance to soak up some sun before coming back to campus. And I am sure like me, we all felt it the next morning – what a great work out!”


Watch the video here!