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Meet our team

Adam Campbell – Senior Manager, Accommodation Services

Hi I’m Adam Campbell, Senior Manager Accommodation Services. I head up La Trobe University’s residential accommodation across our seven sites in Victoria.

Prior to working in the tertiary educations sector, I had over 15 year’s managing teams in the banking and insurance industries. I have variously been a junk mail delivery boy, chief ham-slicer at Woolworths, Pancake Parlour cook, ski resort factotum, labourer, a forklift driver, Hilton silver-service waiter, worked in R&D at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and sold ski-wear at Harrods. I was also paid to be a human test subject in medical trials, which funded many of my youthful travels.

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Carolyn Ballagh – Manager, Residential Education

Hi, my name is Carolyn Ballagh (aka Cas) and I have the privilege of leading a Residential Education team that is committed to ensuring you have a fabulous residential experience. Collectively, we are passionate about developing and delivering a range of programs and events that support your academic achievement, social awareness and personal development. So whether it’s grabbing the runners for boot camp, hiking in Central Australia or engaging with an inspirational speaker – we have it covered. It really is a dream job!

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Sam Fualau – Social Engagement, Residential Education Coordinator


My name is Sam Fualau and I’m responsible for the Social Engagement portfolio within the Accommodation Services team.

I have the enviable task of coordinating & managing all social events including the annual residential college balls, college social events, outbound fun excursions (Swimming with dolphins & seals, great ocean Rd trip, fishing expedition, Trip to Uluru, ski camps) & much much more!

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Caroline Vong – Community Standards, Residential Education Coordinator

My name is Caroline Vong and I am the Community Standards Coordinator in the Residential Education team at Accommodation Services. My role involves creating and supporting an environment of respect, inclusivity and personal responsibility through role modelling and education on expected community standards. Residential Education is a diverse team and we are all passionate about creating a safe and fun environment residents can proudly call home.

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Jo Wotton – Health and Wellbeing, Residential Education Coordinator

Hi, my name is Jo Wotton and I look after the Health and Wellbeing portfolio within the Residential Education team.  Throughout the year you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in various events and activities designed to help you manage your health and wellbeing and identify the resources and supports available to you.  From time to time however we could all benefit from a helping hand – and that’s where I come in.  If you’ve been hit with a setback or find yourself struggling to cope, please come and see me, and we can work out a way to get you back on track.

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Kathleen Knott – Academic Excellence, Residential Education Coordinator

Hi my name is Kath Knott and I am the Residential Education Coordinator- Academic Excellence. My role is part of the wider Residential Education Team and offers a number of services to support you in your academic development including a Textbook Borrowing Scheme, first year Study Focus Groups (SFG’s), NET Program, SWOT-Vac, Pearls of Wisdom, course guidance, plus more…

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Frank Caminiti – After Hours Coordinator, Residential Education Coordinator

Hi, my name is Frank.

I am the After Hours Coordinator for Accommodation Services.  My primary role is providing after hours support for students living on campus, with an emphasis on supporting wellbeing and maintaining a high profile across all colleges. I am on campus after hours, Monday through to Friday.

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Daniel Potenza – Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Hi, my name is Daniel Potenza and I am responsible for marketing and communications within Accommodation Services. My job is to make sure that all residents know about the events, activities and offerings available to students living at La Trobe. This may sound like a normal job, but with over 400 residential events each year, guest speakers, free vouchers and heaps of other services available to you – my weeks will be jam packed!

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