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Fire Alarm Update

What is the update?

Residents who set off the smoke/fire alarm and have had the fire brigade attend or an external party (in the case of Barnes Way and Waterdale Road residences), will be charged. The cost of the charge can take up to 5 weeks to be processed by the fire brigade / external party. Once this cost is known, it will be on-forwarded to the residents concerned. Please note that if you did not contribute to the alarm being triggered or if there is a fault with the system, you will not be charged. However, please note that if the alarm is triggered in your room, this is the responsibility of the resident who resides in the room.

When will charges take effect?

These charges have always been in place as outlined in our Rules of Residence (see pg 13).

As per the Rules of Residence, deodorant, hair spray, hair dryers, aerosols, and hair straighteners must not be used in the residential rooms, but may be used in the bathrooms (7.14 – Fire Alarms, pg 13). Other materials that trigger fire alarms should also not be used in your rooms.

To familiarise yourself on what can/cannot be used in your individual room, please watch the following video. It is a mandatory requirement that all residents watch this video.

Why haven’t I been charged previously?

We have recently been advised by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) that they have delayed charging Accommodation Services for fire brigade services as a direct result of strikes and the brigade’s dispute with the Union. Now that the dispute has come to an end, the MFB will now recommence charging the rooms of students which set off the smoke/fire alarm from 2017. Where charges have been processed by MFB, these charges will be on-forwarded to residents concerned. Residents whose rooms have set off the fire alarm and have had fire fighters attend last year have not been charged because the brigade did not keep records in response to the strikes.

Where else can this information be accessed?

Communications on fire safety have been communicated to you via the below methods:

  • Hardcopy letter delivered to each resident’s room;
  • Email sent to all residents (this email);
  • Posters displayed around the residences;
  • Living at La Trobe Blog;
  • Facebook posts;
  • Accommodation Services Bulletin

How much will I be charged for triggering the fire/smoke alarm?

Charges may vary and are costed by the fire brigade / external party.

Further information

For further information, please contact Caroline Vong –  Community Standards Coordinator, Accommodation Services.