What a day! I’ve just come back from a great day out. Myself and about twenty others went with Sam and Mandy to see the Melbourne Aquarium, the MCG, and National Sports Museum today.

We left on a bus at 09:00 to arrive at Melbourne Aquarium just before 10. Inside, we had photos taken in front of the green screen before moving into the exhibits. We had just under two hours to spend wandering around and we certainly made the most of it! Cameras snapped away as we explored, looking at the tanks full of different fish, Moray eels, sharks, even an octopus, a crab, and turtles! I loved going through the tunnel, where the marine wildlife swims over you as well as beside you. It was pretty cool.

We even got to see the saltwater crocodile and then the penguins being fed. The saltwater croc, we heard, only needs to be fed once a week as he’s a slow mover. He originally came from up north. At the penguin feeding, there were two types of penguins – Emperor penguins (think Happy Feet) and Gentoo penguins. They crowded around the door as they waited for the penguin caretakers to come out and give them lunch when they weren’t posing for photos. The caretakers use feeding time as training time, to reinforce good behaviour.



After the Melbourne Aquarium, we went straight back on the bus to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The first stop was Trumble cafe for lunch – yum! Then we went into the MCG proper and were met by our lovely tour guide, a volunteer from the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC). The MCC manages the MCG in partnership with the Victorian Government. The MCG was first built 165 years ago and has seen many firsts and significant events – the first Test cricket match and the 1956 Olympics (as well as the 2006 Commonwealth Games) were held there. Aussie Rules was first played there in 1858.

I found the tour really interesting – as a Victorian local (I grew up a couple of hours drive from Melbourne) from a family who liked the sport, I’d gone to “the G” (as it’s known) for cricket matches and footy (Australian Football League/Aussie Rules) growing up. But I had never had the chance to go on a tour of the grounds before! We got to step onto the edge of the pitch, sit in the MCC seats and see the corporate boxes (very swish!) – not forgetting the club changing rooms! I can now say I’ve walked down the “race” (walkway) from the ground to the club rooms. If I closed my eyes while our guide was talking, I could pretend we were in the rooms after a successful game, waiting for the team to enter to sing their team song in victory. 😉

At the end of the day we had a short amount of time to explore the National Sports Museum. We tried out games in the Game On section and then looked at other exhibits. I’d have liked to spend more time there, but before I knew it, it was time to head back to the bus and back to La Trobe. A very fun day!


By Clare, University Lodge Bundoora