Interested in being a Student Leader in 2019

Whether you’re a first, second, or even third-year resident, RA’s are a pretty big part of the college you live on.

All social, health, academic, reserve, welcome and sports reps are important in so many aspects of resident life; and are crucial in creating the community and atmosphere of the respective colleges they live on.

My experience as a leader on Glenn this year has been something I have thoroughly enjoyed.

The beginning of the year included numerous information sessions, certificates, and talks from guests to help us prepare as leaders in college and help out new resis on a day to day basis. Moving away from home onto college can be a really exciting but also a challenging time. So I was eager to help any new residents out, as I knew from last year what that move can be like.

I remember when I first moved on at the beginning of last year, I didn’t realise that everyone went to Glenn dinner at 5:30pm together, and I was consistently left wondering where everyone was when I rocked up at 6:30pm-7pm. I also had trouble knowing the events around college before I was added to the appropriate Facebook pages. Small details like these were really important in helping me to settle in last year and so were some of the first information I shared with new resis.

As I was selected as an academic RA, my main role was to run mentoring every fortnight. This was a busy day for me, as I had class on Mondays from 10am-5pm before racing back for Glenn dinner at 5:30pm and then starting my mentoring at 6:30pm. Mentoring is not something a lot of people get excited about, so I did my best to spice it up with kahoots and other activities, as well as providing snacks through accommodation services. I also used content I had from last year to help out with some tricky spots in subjects and was happy to read over students essays if they were looking for some extra feedback.

RA’s also have general jobs around college alongside their portfolio requirements. Looking after my floor with my fellow RA’s was a really enjoyable task that I had a great time doing. We put up decorations at the start of the year to promote our floor community, and I always tried to stop for a chat if I saw someone in the hallways, kitchen, or laundry. We would also run floor meetings from time to time, and post updates in our floor page so everyone was always in the know. I also helped to design and order our floor hoodies which will be a great memory not just for us as leaders, but as well as all the residents on our floor.

I have loved being a student leader at Glenn this semester and am sorry to be leaving this position. Being a leader is something I would recommend to absolutely everyone who has lived on college before. If you want to make a difference on college, this is the way to do it. – Sigrid

Student Leadership is an incredible opportunity with incredible benefits and rewards. Successful applicants will greatly improve the experience of so many La Trobe residents by creating an inclusive and caring community.

Find out everything you need to know at the upcoming information sessions!

Information Sessions:

  1. Tuesday, July 31st at 5 pm – Glenn College Lecture Theatre
  2. Wednesday, August 1st at 12 pm – Glenn College Lecture Theatre
  3. Friday, August 3rd at 11 am – Glenn College Lecture Theatre


Student Leadership Promotional Document 2019 – Bundoora