The library’s full, Bake ‘n’ Bean is open late, and the stress just keeps on building!

What can you do to prep for it? Follow my unsolicited advice and you might just make it through (or at the very least have a killer day).



It may seem simple, but a good night’s rest has great benefits to your wellbeing.

Set up the ‘Bedtime’ feature on your phone and calculate how many hours sleep you want, and try to make it consistent each day! To do this, maybe try to lay off the benders at your favourite places for a bit (#RIPBIMBOSDELUXE).




Come up with a plan on how many hours of study you’re going to do a day – when, where and what on.

Maybe spend a morning on the first few chapters of your text book and then spend the afternoon crying about not knowing a thing.





With a study schedule in play, make sure you carve out time for well-deserved breaks!

Walk to the Agora and get a coffee, catch up with a friend for lunch, get a one-way ticket to Hawaii and avoid doing the exam, you know, that sort of thing.





I’d say “take a bath”, but that’s not really an option on-campus (and eww, who would want a communal bath here anyway!).

Instead, treat your body in other ways. Get a massage or do a face mask! Kmart has cheap face masks and there’s nothing a good Kmart-trip can’t solve! (I will forever shamelessly plug Kmart and you can’t stop me).




Go for a walk, run, anything!

Check out the SARA, Chisholm or Menzies gym, and release those endorphins! When stressed, our bodies go into ‘fight or flight’ mode, and unless you plan on fighting your course coordinator and running away from your exam, some physical exertion at the gym is a great way to get those stresses out!

TIP! If visiting the Menzies gym, try not to get too intimated by the boys hulking out with the weights (*cough, cough* Sam Fualau). No amount of interference can stop you from letting go of your stress and getting that killer bod in the process!





When staring at a textbook all day, it’s important you still make time to spend with people.

Maybe study or cook dinner together. Being in a good mood will help you study more efficiently (and catching up on the latest goss is a plus).





Unwind at the end of the day and get lost in your fav Netflix show as a distraction from outside pressures.

Don’t have Netflix? Use your ex’s account, who cares? It’s exam period and you deserve nice things!





Make sure your diet is rich in brain food.

By all means, treat yourself with a sneaky Cadbury bar from the vending machine at the end of the day, but don’t buy 5 and make a meal of it. (Speaking hypothetically of course, if you ask me if I’ve done that, I’ll deny it!).





Of course this is an obvious one – come prepared for your exam!

Make sure you read the Subject Learning Guide for each of your classes so that you know what needs to be covered and studied. You’re not psychic, so going into an exam without knowing the material is pointless. If you are psychic, then go for it, that’s really cool. I might come see you. Can you tell me if I’m ever gonna find love again?





Last but not least, try to keep a rational perspective.

“This too, shall pass” as the old adage goes, and so will exams! You don’t want to go against the wise words of Ghandi or Jesus or whoever said that, do you? Before you know it, this stress will be over and you’ll be back to worrying about other life issues, like why do I cry on the Stollies d-floor so much or why does the Maccas lady look at me funny when I come in for the third time today?



Exams come and go, and the main thing is that you try your best. You’ll get done it, and our college community will always be around to help you through it!


 – By Tom from Menzies College