The Annual College Balls are undoubtedly some of the best nights of the year, with amazing photos, stories and friendships being created. If you’ve been keeping an eye on our Facebook Pageyou would have seen the College Ball photo albums shared over the past couple of weeks.

Now it’s time to hear from our Student Leaders –  Shania, Tushar and Ajiah.


Menzies Ball – by Ajiah

Menzies ball was held on the 17th of May 2018 and with 330 residents in attendance, the night did not disappoint!

All the girls looked beautiful with their hair, tans, makeup and dresses, and the boys scrubbed-up alright too with a haircut and a suit.

The venue, Leonda by the Yarra – Hawthorn, was picture perfect with Giant light-up ‘Menzies letter’ lights and a giant balloon installation running the roof of the dance floor.

Food and drinks were a highlight of the night, with delicious mains and tasty strawberry daiquiris, beer, wine and champaign.

There wasn’t a second where the dance floor was empty with the band putting on an amazing show, performing some of the resident’s favourite songs and allowing the crowd to get involved.

Another highlight of the night was the annual Leader dance, where the leaders put countless hours into practice, with a routine to surprise the other residents, and there were many laughs and cheers from the crowd.

Congratulations to our award winners of the night: The best-dressed award was taken by Emily Martyn and Riley Lenehan, Sports Woman and Man for semester one – Anna Mitchel and Brady Williams, and largest contributor to Menzies College social page, Mitch Hawkins

The 2018 Annual Menzies College Ball was one to remember and one that will be talked about for years to come.

Thank you to Accommodation Services, especially Sam Fualau for making this event possible, as well as Hannah Andrews, Nick Duncan and Phoebe Cunningham, the planning of this event could not have been done without you.”

– Ajiah from Menzies.



Glenn Ball – By Shania

This year’s Glenn ball was an absolute blast!

Right from the get go it was an amazing night. Everyone looked stunning and loved the food and drinks that Leonda provided us with and thought the venue was perfect for the event.

The decorations looked great with the balloons showing the college colours and the balloon garland being a colourful feature for the night. The lolly bar and donut wall were big hits with no treats being left at the end of the night.

The entertainment provided by the band and DJ was really upbeat and they managed to get everyone up dancing right from when the event started. The night ran very smoothly and everyone had a ball, it really couldn’t have been better.

Having the caricaturists there gave us something to do to break up all the dancing and was very popular. The leaders dance was great fun and a surprise to all other residents.

It was so nice to see everyone all dressed up with the best dressed awards going to: Holly Chatham, Liam Antonio, Kate Madden and Oliver Owen.

All feedback given to the Social RA’s was amazing and very much appreciated.

Glenn ball 2018 was definitely a night to remember.”

– Shania from Glenn.




Chisholm Ball – by Tushar

Some people have a unique way of making you feel special.

On top of that, when you’re around those special people at a special occasion, then that makes the moment a memory to cherish for life.

This year’s Chisholm Ball was one of the best memories of my college life. From the Leader’s dance to the band, it couldn’t have gotten any better and was impeccable.

Sharing delicious food with close friends and getting the opportunity to mingle with some old friends was rejuvenating. I would highly recommend this event to all my residents and any future student as this event was one of a kind and different from any other college event.

The event was the most elegant event of the year by far and credit goes not just to the graceful ambiance, the music, the exquisite food, or the people who organised it, but most importantly the people who attended the event to make the event what it was – the greatest event at Chisholm so far!”

– Tushar from Chisholm




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