As the end of semester one is rapidly approaching, so is our one week SWOT-VAC program, enriched with countless activities and food to provide a balance from general studies. This cessation in classes is a one-week revision period where you are given time to appraise the key concepts in your studies.

Luckily, the Accommodation Services team, paired with your residential leaders, have prepared a week’s worth of luxuries to ensure you’re well prepared for the upcoming exam period.


MONDAY 4th of June –

Wake up to a well-earned, hearty pancake breakfast prepared by your student leaders in the Menzies courtyard from 9:30am – 11:30am…


At 8:30pm that evening, sit back and relax to a classic comedy movie in the Glenn dining hall with plenty of popcorn to indulge into.

TUESDAY 5th of June – 

Begin your day right once again with a yoga session at the La Trobe Sports Centre at 8am, with a bacon and egg roll breakfast from 10am – 12pm, which is combined with neck massages in the Menzies courtyard to relieve the built up stress from semester one.

WEDNESDAY 6th of June – 

Throughout the afternoon, residents will be given the opportunity to meet border collies in the courtyard from 2:00pm – 4:00pm, which will be followed by a provided pizza dinner for all college and offsite students at 6:00pm.

THURSDAY 7th June –

Put your competitive nature to the test in a fun filled tournament of Dodgeball held at the La Trobe Sports Center from 4:00pm – 6:00pm, which is then trailed by a BBQ dinner at 6:30pm.

Tips, tricks & hints

  1. Give yourself a routine
    Make the most of it! SWOT-VAC is the time when you need to be at your best in relation to study, so avoid going into holiday mode too early.
  2. Eat well
    Ensuring that you’re eating three full meals a day with some fruit and vegetables in there as well will help your brain – healthy eating equals a healthy mind.
  3. Turn off distractions
    After your exams, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and many more distractions are all waiting for you. Avoid any notifications that are disturbing you from the task at hand.
  4. Re-write your notes
    Even though your notes throughout the year may be top notch, you’ll find you can retain your notes far better if you knuckle down and re-write them. Use different colours and formatting if you think that will help, too.
  5. Get a good amount of sleep
    It’s easy to get caught up in a holiday mind-set, but getting a solid eight hours of sleep a night will make you far more efficient when studying.

Maintaining a life balance will defuse the stress built up around exams, so make sure to get around each of our amazing events throughout the SWOT-VAC period. Best of luck to everyone with their mid-year exams! 


– by Jeremy from Menzies