The one night of the year not to be missed…


The annual College Balls are one of the most memorable and fun nights on the college calendar and they are coming up fast!


Your Social Leaders along with Accommodation Services have spent months planning to allow residents the best experience and opportunities to create memories and enjoy the night with fellow residents.


The day usually starts quite early with hair and make up appointments along with the stress of making sure everything runs smoothly. One aim of the day is to avoid setting off any fire alarms, which without a doubt never works. The boys have it a bit easier with jumping through the shower and having a shave but you’d be surprised at how few of them know how to use an iron!

This then leads to the boys lining up in the laundry taking turns to figure out how to turn the iron on.


It is a chance for you to ditch the thongs and trackies and make the most of a night out on the town. Chances are there will be people trying to get the perfect photo or having a few bevs well before it’s time to leave with the smell of fake tan lurking in the hallways. Mmmmhmmm…


We all head down to Hawthorn where Leonda by the Yarra provides us with a stunning venue, amazing food as well as live entertainment – setting the right mood and lots of room on the dance floor to boogie the night away.


Whether you bond with some residents that you haven’t yet met or spend the whole night on the dance floor, it is a highlight of the year and from my experience, a night you will remember for a long time to come!


So pull together your left over coins and buy a ticket to your college ball as it is an unreal night that you’ll be devastated to miss!


Register now for your College Ball!

Glenn Ball – click here – registrations close April 9, 10am

Chisholm Ball – click here – registrations close April 9, 10am

Menzies Ball – click here – registrations close April 26, 11am