The annual College Balls are just around the corner and they are definitely the one event of the year that you do not want to miss!


This night will see every resident go OTT to ensure that they dress to impress. It’s the one opportunity of the year to swap the trackies for slacks and the birks for heels. For the ladies their day has been planned for months (with hair and make up appointments especially!) and for the guys a shower and shave 5 minutes before hand is usually all it takes.


We will travel to Leonda by the Yarra where we will be hosted with amazing food and live entertainment. The dance floor is the main aspect of the night where you will spend most of your time, you might even find yourself skipping dessert!


These college balls are planned by your social leaders and Accommodation Services for months in advance – this results in a special night where you will create memories with your mates that will last a lifetime. The event also gives you the opportunity of meeting new people and gaining stronger connections with those that you already know.

Most would argue that the College Ball is by far the best event of the year!


If you have any questions about your College Ball please don’t hesitate to ask one of your social leaders!

Tickets can be purchased through the following links:

Glenn College May 2

Chisholm College May 10

Menzies College May 17

By Nick from Menzies College.