Whoever said that getting lost is the start of an adventure, obviously hasn’t been a freshie who is running late and trying to navigate their way to their first class at La Trobe!

For some people this special type of experience is not worth worrying over and casually stroll along, figuring they’ll get there when they get there and for others it is the end-of-the-world kind of panic.

Unfortunately for me, I was the latter.




Tips, tips, tips

Here are some simple ways that I learnt how to find my way around the campus maze:

  1. Literally ask anybody (well… maybe not anybody). Most students, lecturers and random people will take pity on a lost Freshie and point you in the right direction. Who knows, they might even be in the class you’re looking for!
  2. Good ol’ ASK La Trobe. If you’re shy and are afraid to ask random people then ASK La Trobe will also send you in the right direction. They’re a lovely bunch of people who aren’t going to bite… I pinkie promise.
  3. There is an abundance of signs all around the uni, especially in the Agora. If you can’t see the signs well you should have gone to specsavers (in other words, they’re quite obvious). If you can’t find the Agora then keep walking into the centre of the uni and you find it.


So much to think about!

So, you’ve finally found your right room and you find out the class actually starts 5 minutes later than its scheduled time!

Now your faced with another world-stopping, sweat-dripping dilemma… where to sit.


As a million questions race through your mind and you begin to sweat, you become very conscious of the fact that you don’t want look like a fool standing there with your eyes dancing around the room, trying to find the perfect place to sit. Should you sit at the front or the back? Next to someone or apart? The pressure builds…


Don’t stress…S’all good!

Guess what? It really doesn’t matter.

You know what works best for you. If you have sight issues (you should have gone to specsavers 😉) then it will probably work best for you to sit up the front. If you don’t like people looking at your handwriting/laptop screen during the lecture then sit up the back. If you really don’t care, sit anywhere you like.

However, I would highly recommend sitting next to someone and the situation can play out in one of three ways:

  1. You sit in an unbearably awkward silence for the entire lecture
  2. You sit in silence and then you awkwardly begin talking to each other at the same time (trust me, it’s happened to me before and it was extremely awkward)
  3. You says ‘hello’ to them like the social human being that you are and you become besties for life.

Ideally, you want the third option.


After you have mastered finding your class and have taken a seat (and maybe made a friend), sit back, relax and learn to your hearts content.


That’s me done for the day, over and out!

 by Emily from the Waterdale Apartments.



About Emily:

Hi, my name’s Emily Axford and I live at the Waterdale apartments, at La Trobe’s Bundoora Campus.
Hobbies of mine include horse riding, badminton, reading and most importantly of all… WRITING!
For the past 4 years or so I have been a writing under the pen name of Emily Jane and in that time have written about 4 young-adult/fantasy/romance novels.
I am currently editing the first two books and writing the third book of my second series and I have BIG plans for them in the future!