Semester One looms, but we still have one week left: ORIENTATION WEEK!

Throughout the week between Monday February 26th and Friday March 2nd, O-Week will feature an array of events, activities and skills classes for you to become involved in. From laser tag to movie night and a mystery bus tour, there’s something that will suit everybody.


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During the week there will be compulsory sessions relevant to your course for you to attend, allowing you to meet your course’s staff and fellow students, as well as giving an overview as to what your semester will entail. Highly recommended sessions will also be on offer to teach you invaluable study skills, how to access and use the campus’ facilities, and introduce the support that is offered around site.

Of course O-Week is your big chance to socialise! Whether it be making new friends or catching up with old, be sure to get out there with the many social activities that will be held! Each day free breakfast and lunch will be provided by the Student Union for you to munch down on, and activities will run everyday for you to have some fun with. Be sure to check out the timetable and select which events take your fancy as pick and choose to your heart’s desire.

So get out there, mingle with your fellow students and make the most of your O-WEEK!


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