Welcome 2018 La Trobe resis!



Question: What is ResFest?

Answer: ResFest is a 3-week orientation program dedicated to La Trobe students living on-campus.


ResFest 2018 is the perfect way to start your uni experience at La Trobe. As a resident, the La Trobe uni campus will be be your new home and we have a huge range of activities and events planned to welcome you with style.

ResFest runs for 3 weeks and and is designed to help you develop friendships, get to know your campus and the resources available to you, as well as giving you the best possible start to your time living at La Trobe!

We highly recommend checking-in on February 10 so you can enjoy the full ResFest Program, though none of this is compulsory.

Looking for info about how to check-in? Click here

Most of the events and activities during ResFest are free and don’t require registration, however, some of the bigger events do, so make sure to register ASAP and secure your spot in the awesome event or activity.

Helpful Hint! – the events calendar on this blog is where you will find all event registrations throughout the year, so check back regularly to make the most of all that is available to you!


ResFest 2018 Program

*click the program above to access the ‘Events Calendar’!


Events to register for:

  • Stencil Art Workshop – Register Now
    • Design your own Stencil Art with renowned street artists and create the perfect accessory for your new room!
  • ‘Welcome to Thornbury’ night out – Register Now
    • ‘Welcome to Thornbury’ is one of the most happening outdoor food truck parks in Australia and has grown massively in popularity since opening. Full of tasty food varieties and an electric atmosphere, this is an awesome way to spend your Wednesday evening.
  • La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary Tours – Register Now
    • That’s right, La Trobe has it’s very own Wildlife Sanctuary. Join in a free tour of La Trobe’s most unique resource!
  • Queen Vic Night Market – Register Now
    • A favourite of the ResFest schedule, the Summer Night Market is an awesome way to get to know Melbourne and it’s thriving arts and culture…we even have an events program named “Ignite” that gives residents access to these types of events throughout the year.
  • Funfields – Register Now
    • A huge water park that has 3 world records to it’s name! This is one off-campus trip not to miss!



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