In 2018, we welcome a new team of enthusiastic Student Leaders who are ready and excited to meet you all!
Accommodation Services aims to provide safe, comfortable, inclusive and accessible accommodation for its residents. Residential Education programs are designed to build communities that foster learning, academic achievement, and personal and social development.
To achieve this aim, Accommodation Services relies upon a dedicated team of student leaders, all of whom work hard to provide students with the best residential experience possible.

Hillside Student Leaders:
Taylah Klemm
Ryan Watson
Evie Jennings
Brady Treacy
Amy Badenoch
Jack Woodward
Bhanu Shamdasani
Ebony Reynolds
Laura Vincent
Venuka Logeswaran

Units Student Leaders:
Joe Kiely
Chris Milroy
Julia Clarke
Jessie Hicks
Sam Mewett
Zac Gilmour

Terraces Student Leaders:
Alex Harding
Jack Sampson
Taylah Newman
Jack Clark
Jo Fellows
Jay Hogan
Maegan Johnson
Ellana Binny

Villas Student Leaders:
Lachie Black
Lauren Kemp
Claire Murphy
Braithe Bowen
Ellie Down