1. When you watch medical shows and you see the doctors doing all the jobs nurses actually do!


2. Even when you’re busy dealing with an emergency or life-threatening situation, other patients will still buzz you to help them work their TV.

3. When people assume you must know their friend, because they’re studying nursing too?!


4. When your friends ask you weird medical questions, expecting you know the answer. “I’ve got this weird lump on my back, can you take a look?”


5. When patients actually tell you that you must have become a nurse to meet a doctor. So…I’m studying for 3 years to purely find a doctor right…?


6. When the word ‘quiet’ is forbidden because as soon as you say it, you’ll get 5 new patients!


7. While it’s only one of a million tasks nurses undergo, nurses do also face poo nearly every single shift. And it is not pleasant….



7 things ALL students should understand


1. Be prepared! In the lead up to exams make sure you set aside time to review the work from each class. These sessions shouldn’t last all day, every day, but if you set aside a few hours each day, it’ll promote productivity and prevent procrastination!

2. Don’t study more, study smarter. Research shows that studying in groups for shorter periods of time is more effective than studying on your own for long periods of time. Learn from one another and test each other on the harder topics! Message the people in your mentoring session to see if they’d like to catch up!


3. Review your subject guides! It’s easy to over study or under study because you don’t know what will be in the exam, so make sure to check online as most subjects have guides on what topics will be focused on in the exams.

4. Make learning fun, use white boards, games or even go on walks! This helps you to stay sane and boosts energy levels!


5. Get enough sleep! There is plenty of time to party after exams, so limit any late nights, so you’re able to make the most of your days!

6. Don’t just review content in your lectures, but revise what you covered in any workshops or labs too!


7. Give yourself time to relax! Exams are important but they shouldn’t consume your life or compromise your mental health!


– Emily from Chisholm College