The Inter-Res Ball is an annual event designed to bring together residents from each college, for a night of laughter, mingling and way too much dancing. 

Every La Trobe residents needs to experience this event at least once.

A Night to Remember

It’s coming up to that time of year where all of the colleges come together for the annual event, inter-res Ball. A night full of fun, banter and bonding, Inter-Res Ball is like no other. It gives everyone a chance to meet and engage with those from other colleges, that we otherwise wouldn’t connect with. Inter-res Ball is a night you will always remember, right up until the night gets a little blurry.

The Lead-up…

Between pyjama-party events and your worst attire, it’s not very often that we get to dress up in our best outfits and have a fancy night out. Inter-Res Ball is one of the only events for the year that all girls can go all out, with dresses, make-up and hair and feel a million dollars. A night where the boys are unable to leave their wardrobe choice to the last minute, and need to organise their outfit well before 5 minutes before departing. There’s the girls who pick up their dress the day before and others who pick it up months before, either way, that’s only step one of being prepared for the big night.

Inter-Res Ball is one of the only events for the year that all girls can go all out



The Day of…

It starts like any other ordinary day, with a slightly different feeling in the air. Some people have decided to miss a class, to make sure they have a chance to get their make-up and hair completed in time. Others just laze around, waiting for the time to strike, when they simply have to shower, put their suit on, get someone to tie their tie and grab their ticket.

The girls who had to make sure all their friends make-up is done first, rush around with one hour to go, stressing they won’t be ready on time. As for others that have their hair appointment timed perfectly in order to drive and make it to their make-up appointment, are worried they will be late. It’s a stressful day for some and relaxed day for others, but the outcome is all worth it.



The Aftermath…

Waking up the next day can go one of two ways. You may awaken with a throbbing headache or you’re feeling the freshest you’ve felt in a long time. Once you catch your baring’s, everything comes rushing back to you, and you start to dread the amount of photos you will appear in once they are released, and wonder why you ever thought it was a good idea to jump in every single one. You will remember that your borrowed dress, now has a couple of red wine stains on it or that your brand new tie, now smells like beer.

All of it becomes worth it when you remember what a ripper night you had. Inter-res Ball is an event that everybody should attend at least once in their college lifetime and is definitely not a night you will ever regret…


Who will you be after the Inter-Res Ball?


By Elly from Menzies College


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Inter-Res Ball – Winter is Coming