Summarising a whole year of experiences can be challenging, so we asked Zoe what she had to say about her year as a La Trobe Accommodation Services Student Leader…

Zoe – Chisholm College


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Why I became a Student Leader

From about halfway through my first semester of living at La Trobe I was certain that I wanted to become a student leader in my second year. While I would love to say that it is my enjoyment of forcing myself out of my comfort zone (which I do not enjoy at all), I would have to put it down to how incredible my own student leader was in my first year. From day one my life at La Trobe was made so much easier just knowing that there was someone at the end of my dorm that was there to answer every silly question, whether it be about timetables or where to get my mail. Every time I felt homesick I knew I could go to my student leader and know that I wasn’t the only one and that after some time, that homesickness does lessen. Friends and family from home are a great help when you are struggling, but having someone around that you can talk to that has already lived and felt everything you are feeling in that moment is a tremendous help, and without this help I don’t think I would have loved my first year as much as I did.


without this help I don’t think I would have loved my first year as much as I did


My Personal Highlight

Now that you know why I became a student leader, I can talk about all the amazing things I have done this year as a student leader. Let’s start with the big one. I went to Thailand! This was my first experience as a student leader of La Trobe Accommodation Services and it’s about as full-on of an introduction as you can get. I spent three weeks on a Leadership and Cultural Development Course in Bangkok and Chiang Mai through CIS Australia and to date this was the greatest experience of my life. This trip was only made possible through Accommodation Services’ partnership with CIS Australia and their generous scholarship options.


Global Programs -Thailand

The Perks

I hopped off the plane from Thailand at 6am on 30 January and headed to fun fields with the rest of the student leaders at 9am that day. In hindsight this wasn’t the best idea but I didn’t want to miss out on my first day of leadership training. What you will often hear student leaders talk about is how much fun training week is. It’s a whole week of just leaders living on campus and getting to do things such as going to fun fields, training that you can put on your resume (eg. CPR training), dinner at Welcome to Thornbury and getting to know the Accommodation Services team. The next semester is filled with getting to know your new dorm, exclusive leadership nights with incredible guest speakers, getting access to one-on-one time with Accommodation Services management where your opinions are encouraged to be expressed and a whole range of opportunities that just won’t fit in this post.


Winter Night Market – ResFest 2017



Want to be a Leader for 2018?

If you’re considering becoming a student leader, then I would recommend you think about your first few weeks at La Trobe. From a personal perspective, remind yourself of how difficult it can be to move away from home and how much your own student leader helped you.  Now from a career perspective think about the otherwise inaccessible opportunities that are provided through Accommodation Services. While being a student leader requires you to be there for your dorm, you should remember that Accommodation Services is there for you as well and will always assist you, day or night.

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