“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” – Amit Ray

Switch. It. Off.

With everything that it is going on in our lives outside of university, it is important that you find time to switch off. Turn off your electronics, stop reading this post despite its ingenuity, close your eyes and just breathe. The key with meditation and mindfulness practices is not to worry if your mind wanders, but take notice of where it wanders and what you worry about. It is about bringing your attention back to the room, the sounds, smells and feelings all around you and then utilising the skills you learn during these periods of peace to notice when you become distracted in your day to day life and study.



Make sure you get around the mindfulness sessions run through the Accommodation Services throughout SWOT – VAC. Also consider downloading apps such as “Smiling Mind” and “Headspace” which are free and provide short guided meditations that will allow you to relax and retain more information when you study. Here is a link to La Trobe’s very own guided mindfulness exercises.

Also take advantage of the yoga sessions and group classes that Accommodation Services offers for FREE throughout this study period. Exercise is super important and while you feel like you may not have time, the benefits of exercising on your ability to study are enormous!


Save the Date!

My final tip is know the date and time of your exams! Nothing is worse than missing your exam because you read the date wrong.

My time as a Student Leader

Thank you for your time in reading this post. I have been in your position last year and can understand the anxiety that is associated with this period of high stress. If you get nothing out of this post, please know this, you are not alone. There are a lot of other people in a similar position to you and it is okay to ask for help. Take advantage of the copious help services that are available to you. If you need help dealing with stress, please feel free to contact Jo Wotton at Accommodation Services. Need help with your study?

We have you covered there also, for more information on how you can succeed this exam period:

Contact Kath Knott – k.knott@latrobe.edu in Bundoora.

Contact Georgia Irvine – g.irvine@latrobe.edu.au in Bendigo.

If you need help dealing with stress:

Contact Jo Wotton – j.wotton@latrobe.edu.au in Bundoora.

Contact Lauren Proudfoot – l.proudfoot@latrobe.edu.au in Bendigo.


– James, Menzies College Student Leader