April started off with the most iconic road-trip in Victoria: the Great Ocean Road. Unicare and Accommodation Services took a group of students down the long winding road of this war memorial, which runs right next to the beach in many spots and also gives you perfect views from high on the seaside cliffs. We made several stops to see all the famous landmarks such as the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and London Bridge.

It was a bit chilly and quite windy this day, but that did make for some amazing waves, so we got to see a lot of surfers out in the water by Torquay. The moment we got off the bus at Kennett River for out lunch it stopped raining, so that timing was perfect and we even got to see koalas in the wild.

Although we didn’t get any more rain and the sun even came out in the afternoon, a lot of people still got wet that day. After enjoying the sights at the famous Twelve Apostles, we went on to see Loch Ard Gorge. The water was quite wild and it called for great photos, but it also led some people to have an interesting story to tell back home as they lost their shoes in the force of the waves!

We enjoyed the last landmark from a safe distance, so London Bridge didn’t cause any wet feet or other problems and after that we were ready to head back to La Trobe. The roadtrip had been great and made us all quite hungry, so we enjoyed some nice snacks on the bus and made a stop to have a pizza dinner (and waited for the bus driver to get the tank filled up) before driving the last part to uni and getting a good night of sleep, including an extra hour due to Daylight Savings Time ending. Winter is coming, but despite the cold it was a wonderful trip.

By: Eva de Feber