The College Formal Balls are a standout event year-after-year for La Trobe residents, and as we approach these special events in 2017, it’s time to make sure you all know why they are so popular.

When speaking to La Trobe residents, there are a wide variety of reasons why the college balls are special – some of these are quite obvious, and some are a little more unique, but all equally as exciting.

Dressing Up

This is a massive reason why our residents love the college balls and whether you wear a suit, a dress or something in between – it always leads to anticipation of a  fun night ahead.

Some of our residents have admitted to not being overly prepared on the day, but still having the desire to look good. It seems to be a common occurrence that there is a mad rush to the shower 30 minutes prior to the buses leaving. Although it always pays to be prepared, if this kind of preparation adds to the excitement, why not leave the shower to 20 minutes before?

Some of our other residents recall a much more methodical  lead-up to their college ball, with preparation being the key! This often included booking in a ‘makeup sesh’ with a friend who is the most skilled at make-up application, watching multiple YouTube tutorials on how to tie a tie (and still not knowing how to tie a tie) and even a sneaky dry-clean to make sure that the stain from last year’s ball doesn’t appear at this year’s ball too!

Whether you prefer to be well prepared or leave things to the last minute, dressing up for a College Ball is a great experience, especially when it’s with your new mates from college.

A Special Night-Out

The College Balls are a marquee event each year, with a great deal of effort going in to their planning. For this reason, we ensure that there is a certain level of quality associated with each aspect of the night. For our undergraduate residences,  the venue is Leonda by the Yarra in Hawthorne – a beautiful venue that certainly makes dressing up worthwhile. Leonda has a waterfront location, an elegant dining area, a perfect dance floor and of course, a fantastic bar. When residents step in this space they are instantly pleased and then get on to enjoying an amazing night.

Our Offsite residents will be treated to the luxurious Regall Ballroom, nestled in the heart of High St, Northcote. Almost a century ago, this was one of Melbourne’s prominent picture theatres, attracting film enthusiasts from across Melbourne to it’s elegant facade. We’re eager for our residents to experience the rich history of this magical venue and look forward to their reactions upon arrival.

As well as the College Balls being at a terrific location, our residents rave about the excitement of venturing off-campus and discovering another outstanding part of Melbourne. This includes the anticipation of the bus trip and the excitement that comes with the lead-up to the night.

These College Balls really are a special night out, and with anticipation comes excitement, that we can’t wait to see again in our residents this year.


The Whole College

This is another massive reason why the College Balls are so popular. Accommodation Services provides these events to allow residents to engage with each other, make friends and share memories. These nights are such a great way to mingle and year-after-year we hear of friendships being created through the college balls. So buckle-up for an exciting event and a fantastic friendship-making night!

This is your college ball, so get ready for an amazing experience and fantastic night to be enjoyed by all!


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