Suitcases in a row

Moving in? Here is your essential, very important, not-to-be-ignored packing list.

Moving away from home for the first time can be daunting, but following this handy guide carefully will ease away a lot of the stress of knowing exactly what to bring with you for your college adventure.


Victoria in February and March can be very warm, so be sure to pack appropriate summer clothing with some additional items for layering on cooler evenings. If you’re planning on heading home within the first month or so, there is no need to pack your entire wardrobe. If you don’t plan on going home very often (or at all) then you should bring some winter clothing as well, as we often experience some very cold days.


Bring all the usual toiletries, bearing in mind that we have supermarkets and a large shopping complex within walking distance or five minutes away by public transport. Make sure you bring a couple of bath towels too, as these are not provided.


If you’re not living at a catered college you will need to bring everything you require to cook yourself breakfast, lunch and dinner as no crockery is provided. You should also bring some tea towels, as well as basic items such as plastic wrap and tin foil. If you’re living in a catered residence you should bring some basic cookware, just in case you don’t feel like eating in the dining facilities or want to make yourself lunch.


Some food is provided during the ResFest Program, and you will have the opportunity to go grocery shopping at various intervals over the course of this period. However, we always encourage our residents to bring with them (or go shopping on the day you arrive) some basic food items – tins of soup, cereal, pasta, rice, snack food, and other meal items. Many students do form ‘cooking groups’ which means you may only need to cook for four-five others one night per week. Each campus also has a variety of food outlets on site, or within walking distance, so a quick snack or lunch is never too far away.


You can bring your own bedlinen, or purchase one of our linen packs (we have a basic and a deluxe option, with three colours to select from).


You will need to bring some laundry detergent/powder, coat-hangers, laundry basket or bag. Many people find having a clothes-horse is very handy as well. Bear in mind that any items you bring must be stored in your room, so nothing too large will fit.

Optional items

You may bring a bar fridge to keep in your room. Each kitchen has fridges for residents to use, but many people prefer to have their own. Bearing in mind the weather at the start of the year, we do encourage you to have a small portable fan to keep your room cool. Bring some photos, posters and other things to brighten your room are also a good idea. A computer or laptop is always handy—there are many located around the university for students to use, but it is easier to have your own. You may bring TVs, DVD players and game consoles with you as well but each common room is equipped with a TV and DVD player and watching TV in the common rooms is a great way to get to know your fellow collegians.

Keep in mind that there are supermarkets and shopping centres close by, so if you forget anything don’t stress – anything extra you may need is only a short walk, drive or bus/tram ride away.